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Dimensions (inches): 25.5" t x 40" w x 1.25" d
Wool hooked rug with a wonderful, patriotic theme, made for the 100th anniversary of American independence. The design centers on a patriotic shield, canted to the left, with 3 stars in the upper register and 13 red and white pales (vertical stripes) below. The word “centennial” is arched above the device in scarlet red, with Navy blue shading. The lowest point of the shield is nestled between the dates “1776” and “1876,” in an attractive, fanciful style, executed in the same colors. There is a double-arched border, inside which are 30 red, white, and blue stars. Singular, red and blue stars flank the arch, in the upper corners. The background is an oatmeal tan. The borders are umber brown and taupe. There is a wool border around the perimeter.

The count of stars, both within the shield and outside it, are merely decorative, with the purpose of being patriotic, without any particular meaning. A count of 3 is common on depictions of the federal shield, when the inclusion of 13, or some higher number, simply wasn’t possible. The count of 32 stars is consistent with lack of meaning in the count of 3 on the shield, as well as in their combined total of 35, which seldom has any meaning.

The composition and colors of the rug are wonderful, particularly because of the fact that patriotic examples like this, from the centennial, are so few and far between. Of those that do exist, many include non-patriotic colors, that distract from the overall presentation. Others fall short on the quality of the imagery, with similar, unsatisfying results. Scarcely any achieve this sort of the visual impact of this example in both graphics and colors. All-in-all, a fantastic representation of this medium.

Mounting: The rug was professionally mounted on black cotton twill. A custom, wooden framework was created for further support, and the background fabric was wrapped around it, so that approx. 1” of depth is visible around the outer edge.

Condition: The binding was replaced by a former owner and there are Minor to moderate loss of fringe, varying around the perimeter. A few areas of modest repair.
Primary Color: red, white, blue, tan
Earliest Date: 1876
Latest Date: 1876
For Sale Status: Sold
Price SOLD
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