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Frame Size (H x L): 10.25" x 14.25"
Flag Size (H x L): 4.25" x 8.5"

Confederate Bible flag in the 2nd national design, also known as the stainless banner. This format is very rare among existing Bible flags, most all of which survive in the 1st national style (a.k.a., the Stars & Bars).

The southern cross canton is carefully pieced of tiny lengths of silk fabric, joined with the finest hand-stitching one could ever expect to observe in the making of early American textiles. Most Bible flags are tiny, like this one, yet most makers choose to use ribbon, which has selvedge on both edges, to avoid the need to perform this delicate piecework. Hand-piecing of unfinished fabric was a far more difficult way to accomplish the task. Ribbon was employed in the making of the flag, but only for the construction of L-shaped, white field.

The 13 stars are hand-embroidered cross-hatches of gold silk floss, while the field of the flag is made of a length of white silk ribbon. The edges of the canton are bound with early treadle stitching, which is unusual in the making of Bible flags. The sewing machine had been mass-marketed by Singer in 1855 and was widely used in the making of Civil War flags, but it is rare to see it employed at all in the making of Bible flags, especially in the less-developed South.

Adopted on May 1st, 1863, the 2nd national flag of the Confederacy was one of three national designs. It was chosen to replace the Stars & Bars because it which was too close in appearance to the Stars & Stripes. As a rule, soldiers didn't approve of the flag, because the largest percentage of the surface area was white, which made it look far too much like a surrender flag for their liking. For this reason, the Stainless Banner was often dipped in blood when the chance presented itself in battle. Eventually, on March 4th, 1865, a red vertical bar was sewn at the end of the field in place of the blood and the 3rd national design was adopted. This final design lasted just 36 days until the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. Because period Confederate flags in the 2nd national format are rare in any form, they are highly sought after by advanced collectors. Mounting: This is a sandwich mount between 100% cotton velvet and u.v. protective plexiglas. The frame is a gilded example that dates to the period between 1860 and 1870.

Condition: Excellent.
Collector Level: Advanced Collectors and the Person with Everything
Flag Type: Sewn flag
Star Count: 13
Earliest Date of Origin: 1863
Latest Date of Origin: 1865
State/Affiliation: The Confederacy
War Association: 1861-1865 Civil War
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