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Dimensions (inches): 17.5" square x .5" deep
Parcheesi game board, painted on a wooden plank with applied, molded trim. Rendered in orange with red and cheddar yellow, this is one of a group of known, 19th century game boards, thought to hail from New England, that were either made in a cottage industry setting or by an independent craftsman. They are collectively known as “snowflake boards” among some game board collectors, due to the white, 6-pointed, snowflake-like stars that appear in its center and a preponderance of polka dots that add to the collective image.

I have been privileged to own four or five other boards from this maker over the years, including one in deep, burgundy red and smaller than the others, another in orange and blue, and two in blue, all in varying layouts and corner elements, some with 5-pointed snowflakes or stars and others with 6 points. All are complemented by a grid of checkers on the reverse.

It is very likely that the maker of these game boards also made other wooden items that he or she painted in like fashion. Likely their foremost employment was as a carriage or sign painter, probably the former, and their income was supplemented by supplying toy shops and perhaps dry goods stores. Whatever the case may be, they are unusual and whimsical, academically intriguing, and a terrific addition to any advanced game board collection.

Condition: Overall very nice. Minor to modest paint loss in limited areas. Modest to moderate wear around the molded edge. Small crack in one corner on the obverse, Modest scuffing.
Primary Color: orange, red, yellow
Earliest Date: 1870
Latest Date: 1880
For Sale Status: Sold
Price SOLD
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