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Frame Size (H x L): 11.25" x 10"
Flag Size (H x L): 7" x 6"
With war raging in Europe and American participation of some sort looming on the horizon, items from the 3rd campaign of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt--which led to his 3rd term in the White House--took on a different feel. The number one focus was no longer prohibition, as it was in 1932, or the Great Depression, which was subsiding as American industry saw light at the end of the tunnel. Roosevelt said that he was changing his name from "Dr. New Deal" to "Dr. Win-the-War." Avoiding direct military involvement, FDR partnered with business leaders turned their focus to work for the war effort and partner with the federal government to sell weapons and other needed goods to America's European Allies. The sharp increase in production and jobs helped the U.S. pull up its boot straps and march out of its economic woes.

The theme of both Democrat and Republican campaign items became nationalist patriotism. FDR items are seen with such verbiage as "United States Always" and "God Bless America," as seen in the top register of this particular window banner. Textiles had a heavier focus on American flags, red white and blue colors, and other stars and stripes imagery.

Printed on gold foil, with a wooden dowel at the top and a blue and white, twisted cord, this is one of many small, vertical-hanging designs produced for display at homes and businesses. It's an unusual, and a keenly attractive one, that I have not before encountered. A portrait of Roosevelt appear in the center, set within an oval window. To each side are waving American flags and a spread-winged eagle in a style very much indicative of the 1940's . His name appears beneath. Conceptually simple, yet artistically well-balanced, the strength of the piece is amplified most by the striking, sun fire red color against the gold foil.

Mounting: The banner was mounted and framed within our own conservation department, which is led by expert trained staff. We take great care in the mounting and preservation of flags and have framed thousands of examples.

The two-part frame consists of a very dark brown, almost black molding with a wood grain surface, red undertones and highlights, to which a flat profile, gilded molding with a modeled surface was added as a liner. Spacers keep the glazing away from the glass, which is U.V. protective. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Condition: There are minor bumps, creasing, and pigment loss, but there are no serious condition issues.
Collector Level: Beginners and Holiday Gift Giving
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Earliest Date of Origin: 1940
Latest Date of Origin: 1940
State/Affiliation: New York
War Association: WW 2
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