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  Extremely Rare 47 Star American National Flag

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Flag Size (H x L): Extremely Rare 47 Star American National Flag
47 Star American National Flag. This is one of the most rare star counts, and there are fewer than 10 examples known to exist. Although we have owned 4 of them (3 sewn examples and 1 parade), a serious collector could easily go his entire life without seeing one. The 47 star flag is rare because it represents the addition of New Mexico in January of 1912. Arizona gained its statehood in February of 1912, so the 47 star count was accurate for only one month. 47 was never an official star count, and it was never produced for all practical purposes since it was well known that Arizona would immediately follow. A few may have been made for use in the celebration of New Mexico's statehood, either within the state, itself, or in the Nation's capitol, or elsewhere. The stripes and canton of the flag are made of wool bunting and are treadle-sewn. The cotton muslin stars are zigzag machine-sewn, typical of the period, and configured in linear rows of 8,8,8,7,8,8. The canvas sleeve has brass grommets, to which nickel-plated clasps are attached. Mounting: The flag has not yet been pressed or mounted. There are at least 3 display options: (1) For $100, a cotton or wool sleeve can be hand-sewn to the reverse of the flag, through which a metal rod can be inserted for hanging. This option is by far the least costly. (2) For an additional cost, it can be conserved and afterwards encased in a museum quality, ultra violet light protective, acrylic box. (3) It can be conserved and framed in a traditional molding. Prices of options 2 & 3 vary by size of flag and the amount of labor required. If you wish to reduce the size of the display, most large flags can be folded in a variety of manners to create a smaller display.
Collector Level: Advanced Collectors and the Person with Everything
Flag Type: Sewn flag
Star Count: 47
Earliest Date of Origin: 1912
Latest Date of Origin: 1912
State/Affiliation: New Mexico
War Association:
Price: No

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