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Dimensions (inches): 12” tall (when hanging) x 62” long x 18” deep
Hand-carved eagle, spread-winged in flight, with its majestic head curled back as if gazing over its shoulder and its talons tucked beneath its midsection. Carved in the round and truly three dimensional, the tail sweeps back and to the left and the wings are tipped forward, arching over and beyond the extension of the sweeping neck.

A forged iron ring, original to the construction, provides for the five-foot, two-inch wingspan bird to be properly hung out from the wall in such a way that its horizontal depth from the wall is actually greater than its height; and even though its vertical space occupies just 12”, the way that it is carved and the way that it situates on the ring give the illusion that it is much taller.

Though the carver remains unknown, the work was executed ca 1810-1830 and is of exceptional quality. The feathers, the various curves and the beak, the treatment of the talons and the way in which they recess are extraordinarily well accomplished. He gold painted surface is original and the level of craftsmanship is equal to the very best eagle carvings of the American federal period.

A custom-made steel wall mount accompanies the sculpture. This places it approximately one inch away from the wall.

Condition: The surface has been cleaned. A small piece of wood was at some point added where one was missing, on the back where the left wing (proper left) joins the body. Cut nails and a screw were added over time to strengthen the structure.
Primary Color: gold
Earliest Date: 1810
Latest Date: 1830
For Sale Status: Available
Price Please call (717) 676-0545 or (717) 502-1281
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