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Frame Size (H x L): n/a
Flag Size (H x L): 36.5" x 68"
45 star American national flag, made in the period between 1896 and 1907. Utah became the 45th state in 1896. It had been attempting to gain statehood for many years, but remained a territory, primarily due to the fact that the Mormon Church and Utah authorities continued to be openly tolerant of polygamy. In 1890, Mormon Church President Wilford Woodruff published a manifesto that denounced the contract of “any marriages forbidden by the law of the land”. This gave way to Utah’s 1896 acceptance. Although it remained official until July 3rd, 1908, the 45 star flag generally fell out of use in 1907, when Oklahoma joined the Union. Due to the Spanish-American War (1898) and Teddy Roosevelt’s famous world tour of the “White Fleet” (launched in 1907), this was an extremely patriotic era.

The canton and stripes of the flag are made of wool bunting that has been pieced by machine. The stars are made of cotton and are double-appliquéd (sewn to both sides) with a zigzag machine stitch. These are configured in staggered rows of 8-7-8-7-8-7, which is typical of the 45-star count. There is a canvas binding along the hoist, with two brass grommets.

One of the flag's most attractive features is its manageable scale among those with of piece-and-sewn construction. Prior to the 1890's, flags needed to be large in order to serve well in their utilitarian function as signals. Lengths of eight feet and longer were common and a six-foot flag was considered small. At approximately 36.5 x 68 inches, this flag is smaller than most and so can be more readily framed and displayed in modern indoor setting. The colors are striking and the and condition is nothing short of remarkable for a wool flag of this period.

Mounting: The flag has not yet been mounted or framed. For 20 years we have operated a textile conservation business, where expert staff conserve, restore, mount and frame early flags and other related material. Having mounted and framed literally thousands of flags, we can attend to all of your needs in this regard. Feel free to inquire.

Condition: Near perfect, with but a, extremely small number of tiny holes in limited areas. A 99.9-out-of-10.
Collector Level: Beginners and Holiday Gift Giving
Flag Type: Sewn flag
Star Count: 45
Earliest Date of Origin: 1896
Latest Date of Origin: 1907
State/Affiliation: Utah
War Association: 1898 Spanish American War
Price: $1,250

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