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Frame Size (H x L): 8.75" x 8.25"
Flag Size (H x L): 4.5" x 4"
Rare, collapsible drinking cup, made for the Empire State Campaign Committee, the organization led by the famous suffragette, Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947). Printed navy blue ink on a white ground, the central image includes a rising sun with the date “1915” inside, and “Votes for Women” above. Arched above the center medallion are the words “Drink to the Success of the Empire State Campaign,” which was a bit premature. In that year a huge push was made and the issue came to vote in New York. On November 2nd of that year, male voters defeated a referendum that would have amended the U.S. Constitution to give all women of the state the right to vote. New York was among four eastern states where the issue was presented to voters, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. It was unsuccessful in all four states.

Born in Wisconsin, Catt attended Iowa State College and joined the Iowa Woman Suffrage Association in 1887. She soon became an officer and in 1890 became a delegate to the newly formed National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), of which Susan B. Anthony was president. Catt became a driving force almost immediately, speaking at the 1890 NASWA annual meeting, and in 1892 was asked by Anthony to address Congress on the proposed woman’s suffrage amendment.

Catt was chosen as head of field organizing for the NAWSA and in 1900 was elected to succeed Anthony as president. She served for 4 years, resigning in order that she may care for her dying husband. In 1904 she founded the International Woman Suffrage Organization, serving as its president until 1923 and afterwards, until her death, as its honorary president. In 1915 she was reelected as president of the NASWA and served until 1920, when victory was had in the United States and the 19th amendment passed. Success came on the coattails of the U.K., where women obtained voting rights in 1918.

Leading up to 1920, Catt's leadership the suffrage movement focused on success in at least one eastern state, because previous to 1917, only western territories and states had granted women suffrage. Catt felt that state decisions were critical to success on the national level.

Public support had been favorable in New York in that year, where the suffrage movement was 100,000 members strong. Polls had predicted the likeliness of a win, and while it did not occur that year, Catt led a successful follow-up campaign in 1917 and New York became the first eastern state to adopt suffrage.

Mounting: The gilded American molding dates to the late 19th century. To this a modern, rippled profile molding, black with gold highlights, was added as a cap. This is a pressure-mount between U.V. protective plexiglass and 100% hemp fabric.

Condition: There is minor soiling along the right-hand edge and minor overall oxidation.
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Earliest Date of Origin: 1915
Latest Date of Origin: 1915
State/Affiliation: New York
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