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Dimensions (inches): 29" tall (incl. base), 22" wide, 18" deep
Armillary sundial, constructed of bronze and other closely related alloys. Made circa 1890, this beautiful example of the classic form has a wide equinoctial band, inside which Roman numerals and notched lines are inscribed to measure time. Square rod was used to form the horizontal ring that represents the terrestrial horizon, the vertically-aligned Solstitial Colure, that illustrates the path of the sun, and the diagonally-oriented Equinoctial Colure, that shows the position of the celestial equator. The gnomon (rod), that dissects the skeletal sphere, is in the shape of a feathered arrow, punctuated at the base of the arrowhead and fletching with small spheres. The angle of this is supposed to be set at an angle parallel to the Earth's axis. In the very center of some armillaries is a representation of earth. This is loosely depicted here by the bulbous form in the center of the arrow's shaft.

The square metal post used to mount the sundial into mortar or cement includes a base, decorated on all 4 sides with reversing scrollwork feet. The oxidized and verdigris surface is excellent and original.

Mount: An welded aluminum base was constructed for display. Painted satin black, the original shaft of the armillary fits neatly down inside it.

Condition: There are no significant condition issues.

Primary Color: green, verdigris, bronze
Earliest Date: 1880
Latest Date: 1900
For Sale Status: Sold
Price SOLD
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