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Frame Size (H x L): 34.5" x 41.75"
Flag Size (H x L): 23.75" x 31"
44 star American parade flag with triple wreath medallion star configuration, printed on cotton. This highly desired star pattern is seen primarily in flags made between the Civil War (1861-65) and the nation’s centennial (1876). Medallion configurations, however, are rare in flags with greater than 38 stars, and that is one reason why this particular stars and stripes is so highly sought after by advanced parade flag collectors.

Note how the orderly circular arrangement of such a large star count is reminiscent of a clear summer night sky, filled with stars. Also note that the proportions of the flag are rather square, which provides some additional visual impact to this great example of 19th century flag-making.

It is interesting to note that I discovered a period image of this particular variety of parade flag in an early postcard advertising the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. A photo of the front of the house shows two of these flags, affixed to staffs, propped at opposite angles in the front window. While perhaps difficult for the casual observer to identify, a connoisseurs of printed flags may recognize their scale and iconic design. The postcard is hand-dated 1905.

Wyoming became the 44th state on July 10th, 1890. Even though the 44 star flag was not official until July 4th, 1891, most flag-makers would have begun to add a 44th star to their flags as soon as Wyoming declared statehood, or perhaps even before the state was actually added. Because flag-making was a competitive venture, flag-makers did not want to be producing 43 star flags, for example, when their competitors were selling 44’s. The 44 star flag would have generally seen use until the addition of Utah in 1896.

Mounting: The flag has been hand-sewn to a background of 100% cotton twill, black in color, which was washed to remove excess dye. An acid-free agent was added to the wash to further set the dye and the fabric was heat-treated for the same purpose. The mount was then placed in a black painted, hand-gilded and distressed Italian molding. The glazing is U.V. protective Plexiglas.

Condition: There is a small area of loss, measuring approximately 1.25” x 5/8”, located along the hoist end, bridging the 9th and 10th stripes. Antique parade flag fabric of the exact same type was placed behind this area for masking purposes. The printing and the colors are excellent and there are no further condition issues.
Collector Level: Advanced Collectors and the Person with Everything
Flag Type: Parade flag
Star Count: 44
Earliest Date of Origin: 1890
Latest Date of Origin: 1896
State/Affiliation: Wyoming
War Association: 1866-1890 Indian Wars
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